i want to free sex from the old religious morality of heterosexual marriage as the only viable lifestyle

reading “cunt” again. intro by Betty Dodson. such a perfect book.

Self portrait I did this morning. I am trying to do something creative every day because it makes me feel powerful and smart and free. In the past I haven’t even been able to start drawing, writing, or practicing when I have any kind of expectation. So two days ago I started doing these quick blind contours to see what could happen in one minute of casual, carefree drawing because I figured that would be pretty harmless and wouldn’t give me anxiety. It was fun. It reduced my anxiety. I kept doing it. I am going to keep doing it and maybe they will get better, maybe they wont. Either way, I am an artist now!

Today I tried out shading. 

oh you know, Tuesdays. 

Concert: Yohuna ›

Great write up for our Yohuna show this Thursday in Berlin! Come if you’re around <3 xx

me and jo, circa 1930. Berlin, Germany.

Watch: UMA “Calm/Easy” – No Fear Of Pop ›

TONIGHT in Berlin: UMA with Hundred Waters. Can’t wait! Watch UMA’s new music video here. Words by my love Johanne.

German Ebay Gold uncovered yesterday while searching for mic stands. 

Sure she’s got her quirks, but you won’t find a better roadie!

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Been in Berlin for two weeks! I can’t believe I am actually here with Johanne at last. Its totally weird, and its been wonderful. Just a few pictures of life over here so far.

Stayed at Josh’s house last night. Found gems. #extragalactictour